Rotary clubs meet every week, so they need many speakers. From 1988 to 1990 I gave over 100 talks about Esperanto to the Rotary club. The members had the most fun at their meetings and I felt welcome at them all. Speakers are treated to a free breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending upon the meeting time.

Now that my denaska esperantistino is grown, I’ve returned to more public speaking and spoken to several Rotary clubs. Aminda and I have created a wonderful brochure to involve and educate our audiences.

Rotary has special interest groups (Rotary Fellowships) reaching across the globe. Created in 1928, the Esperanto Rotary Fellowship was the first, and it is still very active. Ursula and Giuseppe Grattapaglia of Brazil staff its booth at the annual Rotary International convention. They were also guest speakers at the Landa Kongreso of Esperanto-USA in Texas, and they made Ron Glossop an honorary Rotarian for his work promoting peace and Esperanto. Both Ron and Neil Blonstein have helped at the booth.

The rotary web site at lists the wonderful things that Rotary is doing (for example, it has almost eradicated polio worldwide). Click on “Club Locator” to find a group near you.

Women first became full Rotarians in 1989, and they participate as much as the men. Last fall I officially became a Rotarian for the fun of it. Some of you may also want to join for the contacts and to be an Esperanto presence.

Email me for the brochure and the outline I use for my presentation. Ankaŭ plaĉus al mi kunparoli kun vi pri tio.