Usona Esperantisto № 2017:1

Novaj varoj en la retbutiko

    Texts from winners of the 2016 Belartaj Konkursoj. Antonio Valén, Benoît Philippe, Aleksandro Mitin, Valentin Melnikov, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Lenke Szász-Praid, Ewa Grochowska, Amir Naor, Steven D. Brewer, Raffaele del Re, Rafael Henrique Zerbetto, Jorge Camacho Cordón, Jesus Moinhos Pardavila; also the Report of the President by Humphrey Tonkin and selected paragraphs from Baldur Ragnarsson. Softcover. 139 pages. 2016. USA. $12.10. Link

    Sten Johansson
    Marina kaj Tomas: Two Swedes with different backgrounds cross paths and then separate. Unexpected events and revelations form their relationship, until Marina disappears. István Ertl writes: “Sten Johansson has written a modern story about self-loss and self-rediscovery, about Sweden from the ’70s to today, with a rich mosaic of three-dimensional characters. ‘Marina’ is his seventh book in Esperanto.” Softcover. 187 pages. 2013. USA. $18.43. Link

    Tatjana Auderskaja
    Letter games, word games, text games, poetry games, and crossword puzzles in en Esperanto. The author writes: “All of these games have been tested by the Esperanto public at various get-togethers. We hope that these mind-training tasks will be useful for all Esperantists, exercising their brains for fun and for the use and spread of Esperanto.” Softcover. 113 pages. 2016. USA. $19.27. Link

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