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neil_nachum's blog


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I HAD THE WRONG DEADLINE IN A PREVIOUS BLOG. WE MAY REACH A MILLION PEOPLE WITH YOUR VOTE. VOTE BY MARCH 11TH (5PM New York Time) AT WWW.CHANGE.ORG/IDEAS If this is your first vote;1)Join 2)Confirm at your e-mail adress 3) sign in at 4)find the Esperanto proposal 5)Touch the blue word VOTE above left of the proposal. The color will change when you have succeeded. 6) comments below are optional

by neil_nachum VOC'DONU!

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Ni havas de la 28a de feb. gxis la 4 de marto 2010 vocxdoni en la dua kaj lasta fazo de Dum tuta monato ni restis je la unua loko en EDUKADO, kaj nur lastminute en la 2a loko. Organizoj kun centoj da miloj da membroj partoprenas kaj minimume ni faras grandan inform-kampanjon. Se ni povas atingi la 10an lokon (minumume ni bezona mil vocxojn je la dua fazo-ni nun havas iom pli ol 730 vocxoj)ni ricevos iujn organizajn subvencioj.

by neil_nachum

Repeating History-Forgotten World German Culture

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This is a summary of my most recent blog at
1.Famous German Speakers
2.The invisible German-American community
3. A German accent not funny?
4. First New York City public library is bilingual:
5. The founder, Ottendorfer, indirectly founds Esperanto Museum
6. Have we fogotton German as the World Language and is this a sign how quickly world languages can disappear (English?)?

by neil_nachum

As of today over 2,500 people voted about Esperanto at Parlamentarian's website

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February 5th, 2009
A survey by Ljudmila Novak,
parlamentarian from Slovenia, is easily accessible on-line (last article in Ninety-nine percent are voting in favor of offering Esperanto in the member schools.

by neil_nachum

I have been blogging in English about Esperanto

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For several months I have been maintaining an English blog ( about Esperanto. As the UN rep for UEA I am particularly interested in spreading Esperanto's usage to Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs (as we are in this group also). Since I have discovered today how to use this blogging-option at Esperanto-USA, I will rethink how to best collaborate.

by neil_nachum

Contact us / Kontaktu Nin

Contact Us / Kontaktu Nin:

Landa Kongreso * 2016 July 8 - 11 * Annual Congress

EO Esperanto: La Landa Kongreso okazos en Miamio, FL, Usono, 2016 julio 8-11.
Liglio al la reta aliĝilo baldaŭ aperos ĉi tie.

EN English: The Annual US Esperanto Congress will be in Miami, FL, USA, 8 - 11 July, 2016.
A link to the online registration form will appear here soon.

NASK * 2016 jun 28 - jul 7 * Summer Courses

EO Esperanto: La bonega kursaro NASK - Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro okazos de la 28-a de Junio ĝis la 7-a de Julio ĉe Raleigh, Norda Karolino, ĉe la Universitato William Peace. Por vidi pli da detaloj aŭ aliĝi, kalketu ligilon NASK kaj KTF.

EN English: The excellent North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK), will be happening from June 28 to July 7, at William Peace University, in Raleigh, North Carolina. To see more details or sign up, click on NASK and KTF.


Which NASK is best for you?
one week ($800)
two weeks ($1500)
three weeks ($2100)
Total votes: 622
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