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Esperanto-USA Needs Your Membership. Here's Why.

For most of us, now is the time of year to renew your memberships to Esperanto-USA and UEA. There's no denying that times are tight. If you're feeling the pinch, you may be tempted to skip a year's membership to Esperanto-USA. However, I wanted to take a brief moment to remind you of the role of Esperanto-USA, and why your membership and support are so valuable.

Esperanto-USA is the point of contact for individuals and organizations who want to learn more about Esperanto. Since Esperanto-USA is the flagship organization for the country, we receive requests from individuals, other organizations, and the media, including television and newspapers. Esperanto-USA battles common misconceptions about Esperanto, provides recommendations for learners, and puts individuals in touch with local members that can continue to provide information and education. Your membership supports Esperanto-USA as a point of contact for individual and organizations.

Esperanto-USA publishes books and magazines that help Esperanto speakers. Esperanto-USA is a important publisher of learning materials, helping people at all levels to communicate more effectively in Esperanto Our publications range from the basic introductory textbook Esperanto: Learning and Using the International Language, to the Complete English-Esperanto Dictionary and Being Colloquial in Esperanto, to the advanced Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko (Complete Handbook of Esperanto Grammar), one of the key resources for Esperanto speakers worldwide. Your membership supports Esperanto-USA's publishing projects.

Esperanto-USA provides the largest Esperanto book service in North America, with over 2,000 books, CDs, magazines, and more. While a few basic titles are available from other distributors, the book service of Esperanto-USA is the only place in the United States to purchase most Esperanto learning materials, original and translated literature, music, and more. Without the book service, it would be far more difficult for US Esperanto learners and Esperanto speakers to obtain reading material. Your membership supports the Esperanto-USA book service.

Esperanto-USA organizes the yearly "Landa Kongreso" (LK) national convention. This key yearly event provides US Esperanto speakers with the chance to meet other Esperanto speakers, not only from the US but from all over the world. At the LK, Esperanto speakers demonstrate just what Esperanto is all about – fair communication, cultural exchange, meeting new people, learning more about the world, and having fun. Without a yearly convention, meeting and interacting with other Esperanto speakers would be far more difficult. Your membership supports the yearly convention.

Esperanto-USA helps to keep US Esperantists informed about events and activities. Esperanto-USA's website has over 25,000 visitors per month, who come to learn more about Esperanto and Esperanto-USA's events and activities. Our monthly bulletin, Usona Esperantisto, helps to inform members and potential members about the events of the Esperanto world. Usona Esperantisto is also mailed internationally, to show our activities to other Esperanto organizations worldwide. Your membership helps to keep people informed about Esperanto events activities.

Esperanto-USA helps to show that Esperanto should be taken seriously in the United States. The presence of a national organization gives the Esperanto movement in the US more legitimacy and direction on a nationwide scale. If you also think that Esperanto should be taken seriously, you should be a member of Esperanto-USA. Your membership shows that Esperanto should be taken seriously in the US.

Esperanto-USA helps to show that Americans care about the rest of the world. The size of the Esperanto movement in the US compared to the US population has rarely been a point of pride for US Esperanto-speakers. America's reputation (both with and outside the Esperanto world) is beginning to improve abroad. As a member of Esperanto-USA, you are part of that change. Esperanto-USA is an organization dedicated to fair communication, international friendship, protection of minority cultures, and international understanding. Your membership helps to show that Americans care about the rest of the world.

Esperanto-USA strengthens the world-wide Esperanto movement. Esperanto-USA helps to support UEA, the international Esperanto association. As a member of Esperanto-USA, you're also an indirect member of UEA, helping to increase to UEA's functions include hosting the yearly World Congress of Esperanto, providing assistance to Esperanto organizations in impoverished countries, lobbying for Esperanto in the European Union and United Nations, and more. Your membership in Esperanto-USA strengthens the world-wide Esperanto movement.

You've seen that your membership has an important impact on Esperanto in the United States. Now is the time to become a member or renew your membership.

Esperanto-USA is also a vehicle for you to get involved with Esperanto. In our website, mailing lists, and annual meetings -- as a member, volunteer, komiisiito, board-member, or officer -- you can get involved and make a difference. You have a place at the table in shaping how the organization can inform and educate the public about Esperanto. Your membership is only the beginning for how you can get involved.

Esperanto-USA offers "limited income" memberships for $20 per person per year. These memberships are open to anyone. We don't ask any personal questions. There's no threshold for "limited income." We leave it up to you to decide if you qualify for a "limited income" membership.

If you can afford the regular individual membership for $40 per person per year, we ask that you become a member at that level. There are also higher memberships levels available – you can become a Sustaining Member, Patron Member, Friendship Doubler Member, Peace Builder Member, Zamenhof Society of America Member, or the Millennial Zamenhof Society of America Member. Lifetime and family memberships are also available for all levels.

Find out more about membership levels and renew online. Learn more about membership, then, purchase or renew your membership online through our bookstore.

Your membership at any level is vital to Esperanto-USA. As a member, you provide us with the support we need to accomplish our goals – informing people about Esperanto and encouraging the use of Esperanto in the United States. With your membership, we can accomplish these goals more effectively in 2009 and beyond.

Tim Westover
Vice President

by Tim Westover


Life Membership - A great deal!

Allan Fineberg's picture

I'm 67 now. I became a life member of Esperanto-USA and of UEA when I was about 25 or so. It wasn't very much then to pay for a life membership, and it's more than paid for itself.

So, if you're thinking about joining Esperanto-USA anyhow, consider that with inflation, a few years from now it will be a lot more expensive to get a life membership, so why not do it now? You'll be helping to advance all of the above, that Tim Westover was talking about.

December 12, 2008 by Allan Fineberg, 8 years 40 weeks ago

No convincing needed

Philip David Morgan's picture

It doesn't take much to convince me of how important my E–USA membership is — indeed, I was only waiting for some webmastering fees to arrive so I could renew it (ditto my UEA membership). Just the mere act of being able to interact with other members online through the blog (and often get good advice for my learning and my works) is one shining example of why renewing is important.

And certainly I never would have learned about the creation of a Unitarian Universalist community of gesamideanoj were it not for the International Language's US home.

I'm here for keeps. One of these days (maybe when I have steady full–time work once more?), you'll see me upgrade my membership to Lifetime. It'll happen one day. Count on it.

December 12, 2008 by Philip David Morgan, 8 years 40 weeks ago

Tre Konvikinda...

formiko's picture

Sed mi estis reabonanta ĉiuokaze....

Formikoj en miaj pantolonoj

December 12, 2008 by formiko, 8 years 40 weeks ago

Contact us / Kontaktu Nin

Contact Us / Kontaktu Nin:

Landa Kongreso * 2017 June 30 - July 3 * Annual Congress

EO Esperanto: La Landa Kongreso 2017 okazos en Raleigh, Nord-Karolino, Usono, 2017 ekde la 30-a de junio ĝis la 3-a de julio, 2017.
Por aliĝi, vidu: Aliĝilo

EN English: The Annual US Esperanto Congress 2017 will be in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Jun 30 - July 3, 2017.
To sign up, see: Registration

NASK * 2017 jul 4 - 13 * Summer Courses

EO Esperanto: La bonega kursaro NASK - Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro okazos de la 4-a de Julio ĝis la 7-a de Julio ĉe Raleigh, Norda Karolino, ĉe la Universitato William Peace. Por vidi pli da detaloj aŭ aliĝi, klaketu ligilon NASK.

EN English: The excellent North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK), will be happening from July 4 to 13th, at William Peace University, in Raleigh, North Carolina. To see more details or sign up, click on NASK.

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