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Cox's International Auxiliary Language Esperanto

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When I finally got around to learning Esperanto, I used a book from 1906 (it was actually a reprint from 1932, but the book was the original text with an updated preface): International Auxiliary Language Esperanto: Grammar and Commentary. I still think it's one of the best books in English for really understanding the grammar and structure of Esperanto (with the possible exception of Bean Colorquill). Originally compiled by Major-General George Cox and printed in Britain by the British Esperanto Association, it went through several editions until the 1940s -- the last printing I'm aware of is from 1944.

I always liked it because it provided a comprehensive and well-organized overview of the grammar with lots of examples. I found it easier to learn from than lessons, like most textbooks seem to have. And in spite of the fact that the book is 100 years old, Esperanto hasn't changed enough to make any difference. Sure, people are more like to say "esperantio" than "esperantujo", but that's about it.

I was always disappointed that it wasn't possible to find the book anymore. I had considered trying to scan and proofread the text, but it seemed daunting and that still didn't address the rights. Then I started talking to d-ro Read and Bill Patterson about Project Gutenberg. They understood the process well enough to provide some guidance. I contacted the Esperanto Association of Britain, which held all of assets of the long-dormant British Esperanto Association. I was contacted by Edmund Grimley-Evans who assured us that the organization would be willing to release whatever rights it held over the text to the public domain. With a letter in hand, we got the book accepted as a project in Gutenberg.

I scanned the book pages, Bill used OCR software to convert the scans into text, and the pages are now at Distributed Proofreading where anyone can help us correct mistakes and fix the formatting. We're about half-done with Round 1. Then it has three more rounds before it will finally be available. Look for one more announcement in a month or two when it finally sees the light of day once more.

by limako


Esperanto book by George Cox

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Thanks to limako for getting Cox started.

Already posted to Project Gutenberg are others of interest:

A complete grammar of esperanto. , Ivy Kellerman
Aliaj Tempoj , Edith Wharton
English-Esperanto dictionary (1906) , John Charles O'Connor (1852-1928) and C.F. (Charles Frederic) Hayes
Esperanto Self-Taught (1908) , Mann, William W.
Esperanto: Hearings before the Committee on Education (1914) , Richard Bartholdt and A. Christen
Fundamenta Krestomatio , L. Zamenhof
Ifigenio en Taŭrido , Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, tradukis dro L. L. Zamenhof
International Language (1907) , Clark, Walter J.
La Aventuroj de Alicio in Mirlando , Lewis Carroll, trans. by E.L. Kearney, illus. by Brinsley Le Fanu
La Falo de Uŝero-Domo , Edgar Allen Poe
La Legendo de Dorm-Valeto , Washington Irving
La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato , Edgar Allan Poe
Mark Twain: Tri Noveloj , Mark TWAIN
Mia Kontrabandulo , Louisa May Alcott
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Tri Noveloj , Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nuntempaj Rakontoj , G. P. Stamatov, tradukis Ivan H. Krestanoff
Princo Vanc' , Putnam, Eleanor
Taglibro de Vilaĝ-pedelo , Steen Steensen Blicher
The Esperanto Teacher , Helen Fryer
Tri Noveloj de Bret Harte , Bret Harte
Washington Irving: Tri Noveloj , Washington Irving

By the way, The International Aŭiliary Language Esperanto, George Cox, is in formatting (2007-12-28 Friday).

Geoff Cutter - Melbourne

December 28, 2007 by gcutter, 9 years 34 weeks ago


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I'm pleased to hear that Cox is still moving forward. I didn't realize originally how complicated it would be to get it into Project Gutenberg. During the scanning process, however, I discovered that it was full of tables and weird formatting -- it's not just a simple text with paragraphs and occasional headings. It will be great to finally have it available!


December 29, 2007 by limako, 9 years 34 weeks ago


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Any update on this project?
Dankon, Kekeo

October 18, 2007 by Kekeo, 9 years 44 weeks ago


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April 11, 2011 by limako, 6 years 19 weeks ago


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The project is moving slowly through Distributed Proofreading. Its taken much longer to complete than I would have hoped, but the formatting for a reference textbook is more complicated than just a narrative.


October 18, 2007 by limako, 9 years 44 weeks ago

Cxu Part III estas preta?

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Mi havas la originalan libron (4a eldono). Mi amike petas Part III (p 259-316) elektronike, en kiu estas ekzercoj kun tradukoj. Mi uzos gxin por studi per ripetado. Cxu cxi tiu parto estas preta?

August 26, 2008 by Kekeo, 8 years 52 weeks ago

Aliĝu al PGDP

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Se vi aliĝas al Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreading la tuta dosieraro de Cox estas havebla. Rigardu ĉe la subo de la ĝia paĝo (kiun vi ne povas vidi se vi ne estas aliĝinta al PGDP). Ĝi ne estas perfekte finlaborita, sed estas proksime.

Post vi aliĝas al PGDP, aliĝu ankaŭ al "Team Esperanto" kaj helpu nin antaŭenigi la kontroladon kaj liberigon de libroj! :-)


August 26, 2008 by limako, 8 years 51 weeks ago

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