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Posters to Promote Esperanto

All posters include text describing Esperanto and full contact info for E-USA. Consider printing most of these on colored paper.

Feel free to download and print these posters and one-sheets. Hang them in your office, make copies for your friends and neighbors, give them to Aunt Clara and Cousin Sofia.

A PDF Reader, such as Acrobat Reader, is required.
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12X Esperanto: The word "Esperanto" twelve times in an attractive design.

12 times

2 million reasons: Lots of people speak Esperanto!



2nd language: Striking! Large "2" plus explanation of why Esperanto is
the ideal second language to learn.

thumbnail 2x times


4 times easier: Arresting large "4" plus explanation of Esperanto's ease of learning.

thumbnail 4x times


5x Esperanto: The word "Esperanto" five times in an attractive design.

thumbnail 5x times


Alien / Gvidu min al via estro!: Why extraterrestrials will use Esperanto. Humorous; target audience is science fiction fans. Possibly on light green paper.

thumbnail Alien


Communications Revolution: Humorous picture.

thumbnail CommRev


Daily Daily: Fake newspaper front page, describes solution to world language problem. Print on off-white paper to look extremely cool.

thumbnail DailyDaily


Explore new worlds: Multiple "doilies." Odd-color paper works well for this. It's hard to read anyway.

thumbnail Explore_new_worlds


Eye chart: Target audience: people who can read. Inviting "E" and fake eye chart.

thumbnail Eye_chart


French endings: Comparison of French verb endings (1/2 page of small print) to Esperanto verb endings (lots of white space). Aimed at people who failed French in school.

thumbnail French_endings


Get Connected (doily): Eye-catching "doily." Try on deep blue paper.

thumbnail Get_connected


Int'l Language Decision Flowchart: Target audience: programmers and engineers.

thumbnail IL_Flowchart


Inteligenta persono: The famous phrase from the "That works!" brochure.

thumbnail Inteligenta_persono


Learn All These...: Long list of languages spoken by at least 25
million people... or Esperanto. Perhaps on light blue paper.

thumbnail Learn_All_These


Peace Weapon: Target audience: peace groups.

thumbnail Peace Weapon


Pie chart: Target audience: ignorant people. Possibly on goldenrod paper.

thumbnail Pie Chart


SF Authors: Famous science fiction authors who mention Esperanto. Target audience: science fiction fans.

thumbnail SF authors


Smash! Crush!: Dramatic... just dramatic.

thumbnail Smash Crush


WANTED: "WANTED" poster for Zamenhof. Do not, repeat do not, place in your local post office.

thumbnail Wanted


Beer poster: How to order a beer in 26 languages. Always a favorite! For best effect, offset print on coated paper.

thumbnail Beer please


Who knew love...: Target audience is people who failed French or other language class in school, that is, almost everyone.

Who Knew Love Could Be So Complicated (pdf)

1000 Mistakes - You need to make that many mistakes to learn a foreign language.

1000 Mistakes (pdf)

Stop the torture!

Stop the torture (pdf)

Suffixes and Prefixes of Esperanto

Affixes (pdf)

Disclaimer - One sheet. You can learn Esperanto 4 times faster.

Disclaimer (pdf)

How to motivate the gifted high school language student

Motivating the Gifted Students(pdf)


Here are some two page information flyers. Print them double sided for conservation.

One-page handy-dandy Esperanto startup kit: One page to get people
started! Try goldenrod, beige, or light gray paper. Print "back to
back" (double-sided).

The Handy Dandy Reference Guide (pdf)

English is tough stuff: Print on any interesting color paper.

English Is Tough Stuff poem (pdf)

Esperanto "That works!" brochure: Perfect for handing out at
displays. Print on legal-size paper (8-1/2 x 14) double-sided. Space
for your local group's address under E-USA/KEA's address.

Esperanto The International Language That Works! (pdf)

Question and Answers about Esperanto: A Guide for Activists. 22 pages. Common questions about Esperanto and how to answer them. 129KB in PDF format.

Q/A Reference Guide (pdf)

by limako



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kie estas la araba en la listo ĉe Learn_All_These.pdf?

October 29, 2010 by Haruo Ros, 6 years 41 weeks ago

Contact us / Kontaktu Nin

Contact Us / Kontaktu Nin:

Landa Kongreso * 2017 June 30 - July 3 * Annual Congress

EO Esperanto: La Landa Kongreso 2017 okazos en Raleigh, Nord-Karolino, Usono, 2017 ekde la 30-a de junio ĝis la 3-a de julio, 2017.
Por aliĝi, vidu: Aliĝilo

EN English: The Annual US Esperanto Congress 2017 will be in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Jun 30 - July 3, 2017.
To sign up, see: Registration

NASK * 2017 jul 4 - 13 * Summer Courses

EO Esperanto: La bonega kursaro NASK - Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro okazos de la 4-a de Julio ĝis la 7-a de Julio ĉe Raleigh, Norda Karolino, ĉe la Universitato William Peace. Por vidi pli da detaloj aŭ aliĝi, klaketu ligilon NASK.

EN English: The excellent North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK), will be happening from July 4 to 13th, at William Peace University, in Raleigh, North Carolina. To see more details or sign up, click on NASK.

Become an Activist


Which NASK is best for you?:

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