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Hebrea skribo por Esperanto

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Mi interesiĝas pri la diversaj judaj lingvoj de la mondo (ekzemple la jida kaj la judhispana), kiuj ekekzistis pro izoliĝo kaj aliaj kialoj. Tiujn lingvojn oni skribas per hebrea/juda alfabeto.

Ŝerce, mi pripensis ian "judesperantan lingvon"... kaj post nelonge, havis tutan alternan skribon. Mi tamen ne celas ĉi tion kiel ion ajn, krom kuriozaĵon celan de kuriozaĵo...

אָ a
אֵ e
ב vo
בּ bo
ג go
גּ ĝo
ד do
ה ho
וּ u
וֹ ŭo
ז zo
ח ĥo
ט ĵo
י jo
יִ i
כ ך ĉo
ל lo
מ ם mo
נ ן no
ס so
ע o
פ ף fo
פּ ףּ po
צ ץ co
ק ko
ר ro
ש ŝo
ת to

(ĉi tiun skribon mi publikhavigis: )

The Wikipedia article on Wikipedia mentions Esperanto.

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Wikipedia has, naturally, an article on itself, explaining its philosophy, etc. It so happens that in that article Esperanto is mentioned explicitly - not on account of Vikipedio, but on account of the role of Unicode in enabling the use of other languages. The relevant passage (under "Language editions") is, "The coexistence of multilingual content on Wikipedia is made possible by Unicode, whose support was first introduced into Wikipedia in January 2002 by Brion Vibber after he had similarly implemented the alphabet of Esperanto." Here is the link:

Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

by Mike Jones

They could be talking about Esperanto - again. (U. Phoenix)

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The ad (slogan) of the University of Phoenix featured on the web (e.g., in the intro do Yahoo email) is something that sounds just like a boost for Esperanto: "Use our network to build yours."

Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

by Mike Jones

They could be talking about Esperanto - again.

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There is a college whose website states that their mission is, "to graduate...students...determined to intentionally change the world for the better."

Good golly, Miss Molly, they could be talking about Esperanto!

The college in question is Philander Smith College. Here is the link:

Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

by Mike Jones

Another case of unintentional Esperanto

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Or, maybe we need to open an additional category of, "unintentional/ironic reference/allusion to Esperanto".

Anyway here it is: in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition, "underdog" is listed as first appearing in 1887, the birth year of Esperanto.

However, in their online dictionary (15.Jan.2013), it shows a different date, but this different date also connects to Esperanto. That date is 1859, the birth year of the creator of Esperanto. Here's the link:

Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

by Mike Jones

Carol for Another Christmas

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I have noted before in this forum that oftentimes what someone says about a given topic seems like an advertisement for Esperanto. Here is the link to my original post on this:

I've just run across another example of this that I want to share with you, a blockbuster-sized item where, "they could have been talking about Esperanto": the TV movie "Carol for Another Christmas".

I just saw this movie today, on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). The main theme was, "bloodshed starts when talking ends". Wow. You could hardly set the stage better for the introduction of Esperanto, because the talking that they were talking about was in an international context.

After watching the movie, I looked it up in Wikipedia, where they mentioned that it was shown only once: December 28, 1964, but Wikipedia also noted:

Plia kozo de senintenca Esperanto

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Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

by Mike Jones

They could be talking about Esperanto - again!

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I have noted before in this forum that oftentimes what someone says about a given topic applies equally to Esperanto. Here is the link to my previous post on this:

I've just run across another example of this that I want to share with you. In the following quotation, I have changed the topic to "Esperanto", but have otherwise changed nothing:

"The neglect of Esperanto by those professionally trained to investigate it, and its disdainful dismissal when it is considered at all, are among the strangest phenomena of American scholarship."

OK, now, without looking at the answer below, can you guess what the actual topic was, and, for extra credit, who said it? I'll give you one minute.

OK, time's up.
It was a tough one, right?

They could be talking about Esperanto!

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It often happens that things in the literature, online and offline, sound just like a property of Esperanto. Here is one random example I just came across:

"A distributed system is a system that operates robustly over a wide network."

See what I mean? I read this and go, "Hmm, 'operates robustly over a wide network'??? - They could be talking about Esperanto!"

Mike Jones
Fort Worth Texas

Esperanto can be exapted...

Mike Jones's picture be a built-in coping mechanism.

When people are inclined to dis something, a good thing for them to remember is that it might have some good use unrelated to the originally-stated use. Such unrealted use is called "exaptation". I've mentioned "exaptation" in my blog here before, but here is the link again for your convenience:

"A grasping foot is present in the closest relatives of birds, but also in the earliest birds like Archaeopteryx.
"We suggest that this originally evolved for predation, but would also have been available for use in perching. This is what we call 'exaptation:' a structure evolved originally for one purpose that can later be appropriated for a different use," Fowler said.
 “the appropriation of a structure originally evolved for one purpose for a different use”

Also, here's the link to the Wikipedia article on exaptation:

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