Aside from Esperanto-USA, there are many other organizations for Esperanto speakers, both here in the United States and around the world. Here are just a few:

  • Universala Esperanto Asocio
    (World Esperanto Association.) The largest worldwide Esperanto organization, UEA hosts an annual Universala Kongreso (World Esperanto Congress), held in a different location around the world each year. Their website has great resources for Esperanto speakers all over the world.
  • Esperantic Studies Foundation

    Esperanto-USA works closely with ESF to promote opportunities and tools that may help our members in Esperanto studies at home and abroad. For more information about Esperanto’s interactions with the academic community, check out their website.

  • Amerika Asocio de Instruistoj de Esperanto

    (American Association for Teachers of Esperanto.) This organization consists of people across the USA and Canada who teach Esperanto or are interested in the subject. Called AAIE in Esperanto or AATE in English, look into this group if you are interested in learning how to share the joys of Esperanto with others.

  • Usona Esperantista Junularo

    (US Esperanto Youth Group.) Closely connected to Esperanto-USA is USEJ, an organization specifically for young people interested in Esperanto in the USA. If you are 27 or younger and are a member of Esperanto-USA, you are automatically a member of USEJ as well. For more information on becoming involved in USEJ, consider volunteering with us.

  • Kanada Esperanto-Asocio (KEA)
    The national Esperanto organization of Canada. See also the Facebook page of KEA.
  • Meksika Esperanto-Federacio (MEF)
    The national Esperanto organization of Mexico. See also the Facebook page of MEF.