Introduction to the Congress of Esperanto-USA
Every year, Esperanto-USA holds a congress in a city in the USA (or in nearby Canada or Mexico). This is a great opportunity to practice your Esperanto in a group setting. Don’t worry about making mistakes when you speak Esperanto – almost everyone you talk to will be helpful and supportive.

Getting to the Congress
The congress runs for approximately three days. Most of the attendees arrive at the nearby airport, make their way to the congress hall, and check in to their room during the day on Friday. The information provided with the sign-up form includes details about getting from the airport to the congress hall. When you arrive, use Esperanto where you can, but don’t worry about it if you have to use English to check in.

Sharing a Room
You will usually have the option of staying in a private room or sharing a room with another attendee. Many esperantists like to share a room to keep the cost of lodging as low as possible. Others elect to share a room and don’t specify a roommate – you can meet interesting people that way.

Interkona Vespero
Friday evening the group gets together for a getting-to-know-you evening (Interkona Vespero). It may be that you do not know any of the other Esperantists that are there. In that case, introduce yourself to people who look friendly. Be prepared to answer the following break-the-ice questions:

Meals at the Congress
Mealtimes during the congress provide great opportunities to practice your Esperanto. Try to sit with a group that is speaking Esperanto. You won’t have to say much – just listen.

Congress Program
You will receive a program for the congress (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). Many of the items in the program start out as presentations, but soon become general discussions. Even if you are just learning the language, you can participate by asking questions.

Post-Congress Excursion
The congress is over at noon on Monday, and many participants leave early Monday to fly home. However, there is usually an excursion scheduled for Monday afternoon, for those participants who can stay until Monday night or Tuesday.

The banquet is usually held on Sunday night, and gives everyone a chance to eat together and enjoy the sense of community that is provided by a shared meal.

Business Meetings
The Board of Directors of Esperanto-USA meets all day Friday, so the Board members fly in on Thursday. Anyone can attend the Board meetings (but must be recognized in order to speak), so if you want to see Esperanto used for doing the business of the organization, you are welcome to attend.

Also there are two business meetings scheduled during the Congress. All members are welcome to discuss and vote on the budget for next year and any changes proposed by the Board.

More Information
For more information about attending a congress, please see Limako's Guide to the Landa Kongreso

If you are a first-time attendee, you may have all kinds of questions. Don’t hesitate to call or email the Central Offfice to ask them.

Bill Harris

Central Office