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Spomenka ŜTIMEC - One woman's experience of the horrors of the early part of the horrible Balkan war that would, after this book was written, spread to Bosnia and later involve the entire West in Kosovo. 1993. 104p. 235x165. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #6. ISBN 3-85182-011-8.

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Customer Reviews:

by Jacob Schwartz
Date Added: 09/05/2009
This is a personal diary of living through the Croatian/Bosnian war. The title is a pun: "tag-libro" (literally, "day book") means journal. But this is a "nokt-libro" ("night book"). Because lights were not permitted at night in the city (because it tells planes where to bomb), Spomenka would take her type-writer into her bathroom (which had no windows) and she would sit in the empty bathtub and write her journal. It is written by Spomenka Štimec, a famous author of original Esperanto literature (and member of the Esperanto Academy). I read this was I was a beginner and I think that I really need to read this again, now that my Esperanto is much better. At the time, I found the paragraphs to be very disjointed -- but maybe that's the way she wrote -- and I found it hard to understand ... maybe a lot was left unsaid, and the reader is meant to infer certain unspeakable acts as having happened (but I'm just not good at inference). The events though are very emotional -- worrying about relatives that no one was heard from, etc.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]


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