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Heather AMERY - This clever and colorful book makes vocabulary-building fun! The large page layout encourages use in groups. Great for instigating conversation in Esperanto. For children of all ages, from one to a hundred. Color illustrations by Stephen CARTWRIGHT. Revised and updated edition. 2004. 63p. 305x225. Paper. England. ISBN 0-902756-21-4

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Date Added: 11/21/2014
This picture dictionary is charmingly illustrated, with interesting and funny pictures that are fun to discuss with your kids ("What's he doing? Why do you think... Oh, look at this..."). If you only have the money for one children's picture book in Esperanto, this is the one I would pick! However, keep in mind there is no pronunciation guide and the whole book is in Esperanto, so if you are a fresh beginner you'll also need a textbook or online course as well. This book is great for reading one page a day together at bedtime -- and if they pick the same page on multiple days, even better for reinforcing those particular words! Once they've mastered those, they'll get bored -- a good sign that they're ready for a new page. My daughters & I have used this book in many ways. Here are a few suggestions: 1. With a small child (under 5) or beginner, play 'Where is the ____?" You point to one of the small pictures at the border of the page and say "Kie estas la ___?" They repeat its name and find the item in the large illustration. 2. With kids ready to start learning to read in Esperanto, play "What is this?". This game is the opposite of the one above. You point to an item in the large illustration that is in one of the small border pictures, and ask "Kio estas tio?". They have to find the small picture of that item on the border, read (or try to remember) the word and pronounce it, preferably in a full sentence: "Tio estas ____." This also teaches the helpful phrase, "What is this?" so they can use it themselves to learn new words in daily situations. 3. Once they've learned many of the words on a page, you can just point to a small border picture and they read/remember its name and find it.

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