Usona Esperantisto № 2017:6

A Simple Request

The Esperanto community in the USA is growing, largely thanks to the incredible success of Duolingo with the superb help of Chuck Smith, Lee Miller, Ruth Kevess-Cohen (See Laŭdoj in this issue), Thomas Alexander, and others. Many of these students of Esperanto are not aware of Esperanto-USA or local Esperanto groups in the USA. We need your help in helping these students find and meet fellow Esperanto speakers so that they too may become a part of the Esperanto community. Only about 1% of the students in Duolingo frequent the forums where we post information about local Esperanto groups and activities.

There are other sites which are also growing in popularity, such as the new Lernu.

You can help. If you use Facebook or other social media, please “like” and “follow” Esperanto-USA. Check us out also in Reddit and Twitter. Then, repost or write something yourself about the information you find. We can help our friends by meeting with them in non-Esperanto channels and apps.

So, stay tuned, repost, connect, and grow with us!