Usona Esperantisto № 2018:1 (jan-feb)

Esperanto-USA receives grant from ESF


Esperanto-USA has received a $20,000 grant from the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) for support of leadership training and education.

The funds will be used for training and education initiatives at the local, regional and national levels in the US and for the development of young Esperantists to prepare them for leadership roles. The goal of the grant is to capitalize on the recent interest by the more than one million people who have used the free language learning site Duolingo to learn Esperanto and in many cases are eager to put the language to use in new and practical ways.

“The grant reflects the close ties between the goals of Esperanto-USA and those of the Foundation,” said Philip Dorcas, president of Esperanto-USA. “As the leading organization for Esperanto speakers in the US, we are eager to work with the Foundation to create a new generation of users and students of the international language Esperanto.”