Usona Esperantisto № 2018:4 (jul-aug)

Do you occasionally blog in (or about) Esperanto?


If you’ve looked at our home page recently, you’ve probably noticed the links to members’ recent blog posts around the web. This is a service available to all members, no matter where their blogs are hosted.

Every morning we check our list of blogs and add links on the E-USA website to any new posts that the authors have tagged for redistribution. The use of tags makes it possible for bloggers to share only what they want to share — a blog might be geared toward general interest topics, for example, with only the occasional post related to Esperanto. That’s why we link only to posts that are explicitly tagged for republication on our website.

Want to have your blog posts featured on our site? Here’s how:

  1. Send us a message at webmaster at esperanto-usa period org with your blog’s URL.

  2. Use your blog as you always have. Whenever you post something that you’d like us to feature, just tag the post with EsperantoUSA. (In some blogging software, tags are also known as labels or categories.) If your blog doesn’t support tags, you can also include #EsperantoUSA anywhere in the text of a post.

That’s it! Once we’ve started following your blog, links to new entries should appear on our home page no later than a day after you post them.

And if you don’t have a blog yet, why not start one? It’s easy! Have a look at the free blogging sites Blogger, Medium, and Wordpress. Each makes it possible to start a blog in a matter of minutes.