Usona Esperantisto № 2019:2 (mar-apr)

Paige Feldmann, Direktoro


Over the last month Esperanto USA has launched a web T-shirt store and reinvigorated our YouTube channel.

The T-shirt store features multiple E-USA designs, a shirt for the Landa Kongreso, and other Esperanto-related merchandise at a fairly low cost. All proceeds benefit E-USA, and all designs were created by a board member at no cost.

Our YouTube channel has not been active for five years. Over the course of two weeks, we managed to double the amount of subscribers and upload many videos. We aim to upload at least one video a week. These videos will focus on the Esperanto movement in the US, vlogs of Esperanto events, educational videos and other random topics. We hope to monetize the channel at some point in the future, although we know that may be an unrealistic goal. Regardless, we are enjoying adding videos and would gladly accept any videos E-USA members may want to submit.