Usona Esperantisto № 2019:6 (nov-dec)

Help Preserve the Past


Seismic shifts in the way we communicate mean that printed books and paper records are getting lost as Esperantists turn away from them, or previous generations of Esperantists die, leaving behind their libraries, their correspondence, the minutes and membership lists of local clubs, and paraphernalia.

The Esperantic Studies Foundation has launched a campaign to preserve and conserve this material. We are trying to track down unwanted collections of Esperanto books, periodicals, paper correspondence, and records of local Esperanto clubs past and present. We are accumulating this material and passing it on to institutions that can preserve it and make it available to scholars. We are equally interested in the records of other organizations or individuals concerned with other projects for international languages or fictional languages.

If you know of material languishing in private hands—or indeed unknown to the public but in public hands—please get in touch with ESF. We will be glad to help preserve it, or get the word out about its availability to scholars and researchers.

For more information, see this article at the ESF website, or contact