Usona Esperantisto № 2019:6 (nov-dec)

Special two-day course in preparation for UK


Prepare yourself to take part in a friendly, enthusiastic, and international community of Esperantists with this brief course!

In preparation for the upcoming World Esperanto Congress in Montreal, experienced Esperanto instructors Katalin Kovats and Sylvain Lelarge will offer a two-day course beginning on Friday, July 31st and ending on Saturday, August 1st.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with minimal experience in Esperanto to dive into the exciting and immersive environment of the World Esperanto Congress with the aid of effective instructors.

With a newly acquired knowledge of Esperanto, you will converse with fellow Esperantists, make friends, share stories, and build new memories as you interact with a diverse crowd of international visitors.

The cost of instruction will be 75 US dollars and will be immediately followed by the first day of the World Esperanto Congress on Sunday, August 2nd.

For further information regarding this course please visit the Esperantic Studies Foundation’s course page.