Usona Esperantisto № 2019:6 (nov-dec)


The honor is to serve.

One of my favorite lines from a TV show is from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Picard tries to thank Worf for doing a good job, but Worf shrugs off the thanks and replies, “The honor is to serve.” What a tribute to doing a job well for the purpose of the job itself and not for an expectation of public thanks or materialistic return.

Volunteerism is an expression of human relationships and is a dedication to be in service to those relationships. The volunteer serves in a group where common goals and interests have high value. The core values are held in high esteem.

The Board of Directors of Esperanto-USA has been reviewing each month these goals:

Esperanto USA is a non-profit organization that encourages and strengthens the Esperanto community in the United States and its territories by facilitating support and communication for local groups and providing a centralized set of resources for our members.

The Board of Directors acts in volunteer capacity, and works in relationship with other committees and volunteers. Volunteering serves Esperanto-USA not only to stay afloat, but to thrive and to make great strides towards goals for a better world. There is pride not in a materialistic sense, but in a true value of what is good in life.

The Esperanto movement in the United States is served by many volunteers, not only in Esperanto-USA, but also in AAIE, ESF, USEJ and many local groups.

The newest group of volunteers is the regional coordinators, a group of ten volunteers who work together to help the local groups in their regions. These volunteers meet regularly and are dedicated to growing the movement in their respective regions. Leaders in your local group have most likely already been in communication with one of these dedicated servants. Our hats are off to these new volunteers with heartfelt thanks!

How do you want to volunteer for Esperanto-USA? How do you serve in your local group? What is your vision for projects that help your group, your region, or Esperanto-USA? Where do you feel the call to serve? Let your regional coordinator know!