Usona Esperantisto № 2020:1 (jan-feb)

Treasurer’s Update

Murray is Treasurer of E-USA. You can contact him at mmmm0320 at gmail dot com.


Saluton: The financial position of Esperanto-USA has improved as the year has gone along due to reallocating some of our funding which did not reduce our commitment to the goals of 2019. It is a credit to the Board for its dedication and fiscal restraint. This year was the first in a long time that did not run a deficit. It is anticipated that that 2020 will have similar results.

Our fundraiser, Esperanto for the USA, was a marginal success. This was a first-time experience at joining with the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) in a matching arrangement. The money we raised would be matched by ESF up to $15,000 for a potential total of $30,000. E-USA collected $11,595 in donations and with the match ended up with $23,190. All that is going to programs and has already greatly supported a youth training session in Chicago. We have been invited by ESF to engage in the same arrangement and the Board is considering its fundraising strategy.

My term as Treasurer began July 2018 and Jordon Kalilich will be filling the position right after the Board meeting in March. I knew Jordon as a Board member until he the left in July 2019. Later, Jordon took on the responsibility of running the Google Ad Grant for us and has done a great job. I think we are fortunate to have Jordon join the Board once again.

E-USA has come a long way from its kitchen-table operation of the early days (my first membership in the Esperanto League for North America and UEA was in 1974). Each year we have become more sophisticated and that progress will continue as the organization strives to better serve its members. Esperanto-USA has been made strong by the support and involvement of its members—thank you.

I would think the main goal of Esperanto is to improve international understanding. We may be few but we have an ambitious dream. It is important that we stick together and provide encouragement, structure and opportunity to nurture Esperanto in the USA. Your continued membership plays a big part in that effort. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Esperanto life. Ĝis.