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La donaco de la magoj

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Robert Read has pointed out to me that LiteralSystems' series of audiobook recordings now includes Sacxio Oka's Esperanto translation of O. Henry's famous short Christmas tale "The Gift of the Magi" as read by Derek Roff. You can hear this 22-minute MP3 recording (or simply download it into your iPod) from here.

by donh

Free Ten-Lesson Esperanto Course

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Don't forget that ELNA offers a free ten-lesson Esperanto course, taught by an individual tutor, via ordinary snail-mail; you can request the first lesson of the course by sending an e-mail to the ELNA central office, including your name and street address in the message. If you prefer, you can register for the e-mail version of the course at

This course is aimed at English speakers. For those who might prefer to learn through Spanish, the Argentine Esperanto League offers an e-mail version of the course at

The first lesson in the "First Esperanto Course" lesson is available as a scanned PDF by clicking here.

Kiu estas la homoj en la bildoj?

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Cxu vi povas meti etikedojn sub la bildojn en la retpagxo ke indentigas la homojn montradajn? Mi estas kurioza. ;o)


by Ĝeraldino Vrajto

DNS Issues Resolved!

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The DNS problems have finally been solved, thanks to Trio. It was a significant piece of work and I'm very grateful someone was willing to dig into the issue and track down the problem. The correct address is working for me today and should propagate through the network overnight. Sometime tomorrow, I'll plan to switch over the URL.

TKEK in California, March 24-26

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For those in California and neighboring states, don't forget the Tut-Kalifornia Esperanto-Konferenco, which will be held at the Hallmark Inn in the university town of Davis, California, just west of Sacramento, over the weekend of March 24-26. You can find some information about the conference, and a sign-up form (in PDF format – print and mail) at .

NOREK Sept (20)-21-24-(25)

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La konferencejo estos University Inn en Seatlo. Estos antaukongresa "Pilgrimo al Eastsound" kaj eble ankau postkongreseto por la ghisostuloj. Kontrolu chi tie por ghisdatigoj, detaloj kaj specifigoj.


by Haruo Ros

Publika rekontigxo pri Esperanto cxe UMass

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Je la 8a de februaro, Amherst Esperanto kaj, precipe, Paul Ganssle, organizis publikan informan kunvenon pri Esperanto cxe UMass. Ni metis multajn afisxojn tra la universitato, sendis informon al lokaj jxurnaloj, kaj invitis multajn lokajn kaj regionojn parolantojn veni kaj prelegi. Gxi ne estis tiom sukcesa ol kiom ni antauxvidis, sed nek estis fiasko. Kaj ni lernis multon.


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Thanks to Ela Karczewska, I now have some more information about several songs that have haunted me for years. Two I found on a Radio Polonia Tape from the ELNA Audio Tape Service (86-01PL). Two I heard on a relatively recent Radio Polonia broadcast. The tape does mention the name of the singer at one point, but I could never quite make out his name or get the spelling right (and wasn't even sure if that was the name of the singer), so even with the coming of the Web I couldn't track him down.

Taught my second Esperanto class today....

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I'm still wired from the experience...I feel like I've had
6 cups of coffee. I think it went really well.

I am teaching after school every Tuesday for nine weeks.
The kids are 2nd through 5th graders, and were selected by
the teachers for interest and ability.
The first half of each section I use to talk about linguistics
in general. Today I talked about diachronic linguistics and
how Latin give rise to the Romance language, and the discovery
of the Indo-European superfamilial relationships.

The next half of the class was a lesson in Esperanto.
They really seemed to get it and to be interested; it really
seems that some of them are doing the 10 minutes a day of study
that I insisted on.

NASK * 2014 jun 29 - jul 8 * Summer Courses

EO Esperanto: La bonega kursaro NASK - Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro okazos de la 29-a de Junio ĝis la 8-a de Julio ĉe Viktorio, BC, Kanado, ĉe la Universitato de Viktorio.

EN English: The excellent North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK), will be happening from June 29 to July 8, at The University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

UEA Seminario Por Aktivula Maturigo * 2014 jul 9 - 10 * Strategy

EO Esperanto: Ĉu plaĉas al vi varbi? La UEA-seminario pri Aktivula Maturigo (AMO) – N-ro 2, okazos je 2014 julio 9-10 ĉe Sidneo, Brita Kolumbio, Kanado.

EN English: Want to get the word out? The Seminar about Strategy and Practice for Informing North America Aktivula Maturigo (AMO) - number 2, will be happening 2014 July 9-10 en Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Komuna Kongreso * 2014 Jul 11 - 14 * Communal Congress

EO Esperanto: La Landa Kongreso okazos ĉe Sidneo, BC, Kanado, 2014 julio 11-14, kune kun la Tut-Kanada konferenco de la Kanada Esperanto-Asocio (KEA).

EN English: The Annual US Esperanto Congress will be in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, 11 - 14 July, 2014, along with the Canadian Annual Congress of the Canadian Esperanto Association (KEA).


Which NASK is best for you?:

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