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David RICHARDSON - This introductory textbook begins with a short English-language introduction, covering the need for an international language. A series of lessons with exercises follows, concentrating on practical communication and vocabulary. The third section of the book is a graded reader, which includes history, letters, stories, and poetry that gradually introduce more advanced usage and additional vocabulary. The book concludes with an abridged Esperanto-to-English dictionary and an index. This fourth edition contains minimal changes from earlier editions. The introduction was shortened and edited by Lee Miller, Tim Westover updated the layout as necessary, Murray H. Merner updated the table of contents, and a new index was prepared by by Murray Merner, Paige Miles, Christopher Johnson, Chuck Mays, and Lee Miller. Ben Speakmon prepared an electronic version of the book. Illustrated. Fourth edition 2016. 330 pages. 220x140. Paper. USA. ISBN 9781543006544.

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